Those who wear sandals or not while at home will be interested to learn below how they can strengthen the feet prevent injuries, improve posture plus many other advantages. As you know it is essential to park the outdoor footwear at the door to prevent the transfer of microbes fungus and any virus to the house floor.

Two days ago I was wearing my slip-on sandals exclusively at home as usual for the past several decades. This day without socks in my sandals I nearly fell while descending the stairs with both hands occupied carrying an object and tripping on my sloppy sandals. And later in the day nearly falling backwards while tripping on my unsteady sandals on entering the front door. Granted with socks sandals are more steady, but I have noticed unsteady problems wearing sandals also sometimes while outside and definitely not recommended while driving. A day later a good female friend phoned me at 7:30 in the morning, believe it or not, to recommend an ongoing television program on running shoes. The thing that caught my attention was her mention that the program was recommending runners go barefoot around the house to strengthen the feet. This opportune additional information made up my mind to ditch the sandals in favor of safer and advantageous barefoot wear around the house.

Many research studies have shown the following are some of the advantages of barefeet around the home or preferably in comfortable heavy socks, (to prevent pickup of bacteria):

– Better foot mechanics leading to improve mechanics of hips, knees and core.
– Helps strengthen feet and toes and other parts of the body.
– Helps prevent plantar fasciitis, shin splints, bursitis and tendonitis.
– Improved balance and posture.
– Greater blood circulation and less inflammation.
– And even improved sleep.

Believing in these advantages will help make them come true. There are some additional advantages while walking barefoot on grass or in the sand, besides feeling great. And without footwear in the home the following are encouraged and easily accommodated during the day or whenever the mood strikes you. Example: To improve balance, stand on one foot and keep increasing the time every week or every day. Or to further strengthen feet, toes and calves: press yourself up on toes and lower slowly about ten times.

by Earl Fee


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