Solo Dancing

It’s a changing world. No hugging, and no couple dancing, etc. But there can be, solo dancing.

So I am promoting it here. My motto is Staying Alive, I Will Survive, and I Hope You Dance (Lee Anne Womack). Someone was asking me lately, “What is your favourite pastime during this epidemic?” I said, “Staying Alive, of course.” I am advocating some solo dancing a few times a week, even just 15 minutes in a session. Since it is an excellent activity, good for flexibility, morale, and anti-aging. Ideally your partner is a mirror near your CD player or computer. And a good alternative since particularly since most of your exercise opportunities have been ordered off bounds.

In 2019 at age 90, I took dance lessons at Arthur Murrays and Fred Astaire studios for many weeks. So don’t tell me you are too old to be doing this now. As expected, I found out I was not the quickest learner. I particularly liked a fast fox trot, or waltz or merengue (somewhat similar to the old disco but slower). 2019 with four world records was one of my best running competition years ever. So dancing didn’t hurt my running. However, I did injure my ankle in one studio session with a foot dragging move. So I caution you about any unusual moves in your solo dancing.

For the few interested in solo dancing, I include below my list of energizing, fast, disco, merengue, or hustle music. To play these, go to YouTube and enter the title and artist. I have some CD’s with some of these songs. But on YouTube, you can also enjoy watching the dance moves of the performers, e.g., as in Disco Fever. Maybe you will adapt some of the simpler moves.

Here is my list of favourites, not in any order, to dance to:

– Disco Fever by the Trammps
– Staying Alive by the Bee Gees
– I Love Music by O’Jays
– Neutron Dance by the Dancing sisters (this really rocks, used to be sung by some expert singers at my favourite Karaoke Bar)
– I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor
– YMCA and In the Navy by Village People
– Don’t Leave Me this Way by Thelma Houston
– Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough by Michael Jackson
– Le Freak by Chic
– The Hustle by Van McCoy
– And my favourite: Dancing Queen by Abba.

Before I leave, I recommend you go to YouTube and bring up Tones and I Dancing Monkey Choreography by Lianna Blackburn. Just to watch and enjoy. Not to duplicate.


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