In the Zen Buddhist tradition, Satori is an enlightenment of the spirit.

Enjoy the body flow;
Gliding… floating…
Effort free
With minimum energy.
Enjoy the now;
Enjoy the inner you.
The time is yours alone
To revel in—
As you breathe in
The beauty that is found
All around.
Let your senses ring;
Let your feelings sing;
Peace is on the wing
Feel the calm within;
Body, mind, and spirit
All in harmony;
That’s what its all about.
Let the body shout
Its silent vitality;
Let the mind run free;
In Satori:
Going beyond,
Becoming heaven bound.
Feel the dynamic meditation
And rejoice in the play,
The mystical dance of life,
Where the journey
Exceeds the destination,
The training more than the podium,
Or golden training is more
Than mere medals.

The photo is my age group world record 800m in 2:14.33 in spite of a roaring gale at the WMA Championships at Buffalo at age 66 in 1995 (still existing)—showing Mattson of Finland following closely in the first 400m. He said later he was “dead” at 400m. In Buffalo tested for drugs twice perhaps in view of my 3 world records, in the 400m, 800m and 300m hurdles. I was in the best shape ever except for some Plantar Fasciitis, and after 33 races that year, and a one-week tough training camp with strong Saugeen Track club teen-agers and coaches Geordie and Earl Farrell. Some of these New Orleans training camp days totaling about 17 miles. Tough indeed for a 400/800/mile athlete when I think back now, but definitely beneficial, building body, mind and spirit.


Fear give me your fury;
Let me taste your torment.
Pain give me your worst;
Let me feel your fire.
Unleash these wild steeds
Of Fear and Pain,
So they may be trained and harnessed
To obey my commands.
Let me test my mettle
In the flame of training,
In the heat of battle,
In the cauldron of competition,
And the furnace of the fray,
So I may forge my body, mind and spirit
Like a sword in the glowing coals,
So they may be harder than steel,
Brilliant and fearsome.
And ever ready for my friendly foes.
This is my prayer oh Lord.