Earl Fee is Running

Earl W. Fee released his monumental autobiographical book, Earl Fee is Running. This popular fifth book also won a Canada Book Award in 2019.

Here’s a book review from Renu Pillay: “Running performance will reduce with age, but we can still stay fit and healthy and still reach great heights of mental and physical achievement. Nobody has proved this more than the legendary Earl Fee.”

In this book, you will be inspired by his life of a late-blooming world champion, with colored photos, and some of Earl’s pertinent poetry, in 20 entertaining chapters describing his life from 1929 to 2018… Highlights in this book are Earl’s:

– Valuable detailed running workouts and methods from age 57 to age 88.

– Experiences at 17 World Masters Championships from 1987 to 2014. (But more to come.)

– Quotations and spiritual reflections (e.g., gratitude, helping others, love, empathy, etc.).

– Anti-aging lifestyle and his secret to athletic success- aging slower than his rivals.

– Thirty-five pioneering years in the Canadian (CANDU) nuclear power industry.

– Detailed descriptions of interesting friends, characters and five legendary athletic friends.

Compared to Earl’s anti-aging lifestyle, and lifestyle descriptions herein of his legendary athletic friends, the late Ed Whitlock and Olga Kotelko, it may appear like your daily habits are not productive or you are not making the most of your remaining valuable time… This book is bound to increase your motivation and rejuvenate your dreams.