How To Be A Champion From 9 To 90

This is a fitness/running book based on hundreds of expert references and the authors running experience involving over 30 world running records. This thorough book is applicable to athletes in general, fitness fanatics, coaches, trainers, but mainly runners. Fifteen of the 25 chapters describe how to achieve champion fitness with major emphasis on nutrition, mental training, longevity, and inspiration. The remaining 10 chapters describe modern running techniques, the five running training systems, training principles, recovery, injury prevention, etc. The detailed information is applicable to all ages as the training principles are the same for young and old with some exceptions which are mentioned.

Editorial Reviews:

“A most thorough compendium of essential body, mind, spirit training, Earl is truly a man of vast knowledge and experience.” — Jerry Lynch, Ph.D. Sports Psychologist

“I know of no other work on this subject that is so inclusive and practical. It is absolutely outstanding. Congratulations.” — Payton Jordan, 1968 USA Olympic Coach

“You have really done your homework. A great read.” — David Costill, Ph.D. Sports Physiologist

Amazon Book Review by Loyd Moseby:

This book is a pleasure to read. The amount of research and detail about areas such as food, health, mental well-being and athletic training are an indication of the authors dedication to what he preaches. Great book!