Living With Spirit

See the testimonial below, from the multi-heptathlon and decathlon world champion and close friend, Geraldine Finegan, of Northern Ireland on Earl’s wonderful new poetry book, Living with Spirit. Geraldine is the perfect example of a spirited person, as her arduous events require unlimited spirit.

“Earl pens some true stories in a humorous manner, while the 120 poems deal with messages on love, sympathy, meekness, assisting others, giving back in return, goodness and gentleness. We can all be inspired by these admirable spiritual qualities and the 64 stunning professional photos that enhance the poems. This wonderful book is well worth a read or a gift to a loved one.”

The following testimony is from John Wragg. No one on this planet has ever accomplished his amazing feat of over 239 iron man race all over the 5 continents of the world as of May, 2018. More has been accomplished in 2019 but now racing is hampered by the pandemic.

Earl’s book “Living With Spirit” is truly outstanding on a wide variety of subjects, with over a hundred inspirational messages, many on exercising the spirit and spirituality: involving helping others, gratitude, happiness, attitude ,hope, even on Winston Churchill, etc.— and including some true humorous stories and 64 professional photographs to highlight the poems. It is an entertaining, inspirational book to cherish.

Living With Spirit is a collection of rhymed and free verse poems by Earl Fee covering a wide range in five sections─Spirit, Live, Love, Pathos, and Laugh. The 64 beautiful professional black and white photos support the theme and atmosphere of the 120 poems, and assist to bring these down-to-earth poems to life. Many of the poems have an important inspirational message or a true story, such as on Winston Churchill. And see long poems such as on Time, Hope, Attitude, Feelings and Happiness.

The Spirit section deals with spirituality qualities of gratitude, love, empathy, humility, helping others, giving back and selflessness. Be inspired and awakened to the benefits of these admirable qualities.