One Hundred Years Young the Natural Way

One Hundred Years Young the Natural Way: Body, Mind, and Spirit Training promotes ageless aging and a higher quality life.

This book features:

– Twenty-five main steps to longevity.
– Natural methods described in three complete parts─body, mind and spirit/spirituality.
– How to avoid the five major diseases, with recommended natural foods, exercise, etc.
– The low glycemic diet— research shows it`s the healthiest diet for diabetics and others too.
– Ten to twenty minutes anaerobic exercises that are more anti-aging than long slow exercise.
– Ten magic supplements, and also 17 of the best vitamin and mineral supplements.
– How to build muscle strength, cardio power, flexibility, and balance.
– Information on anti-inflammation foods, the benefits of Omega-3, and dangers of sugar.
– Mental exercises to prevent dementia.
– Two chapters on developing spirituality: gratitude, empathy, kindness, love, helping others.
– How to reduce the many toxins in the body.
– The simplest and most effective method to detox the body daily.
– Strategies to avoid stress and to cope with stress.
– Improving sleep quality.
– My new simple exercise to revitalize your sex life and massage the prostate.
– A chapter on Tantric sex methods to increase your sexual powers.
– All aspects of longevity in 37 chapters, 646 pages including Best Habits, Humor, and Poetry.
– Hundreds of research studies listed to demonstrate recommendations in this book.
– Much more within. It’s never too late to start your new health habits. Take control now.

Here are some of the many 5 five starred reviews from Amazon:

Rrr: Do you ever wish your real smart grandfather was alive and you could ask some questions about improving your life? Now a days our problems don’t revolve around how we are going to find something to eat and working to hard. Just the opposite. Earl’s advice from decades of practicing himself, will help you be fitter and healthier if you follow his advice. I read his book and in 3 months have lost 10 pounds of flab and at 67 back to stretching, 20 push-ups and walking 3 miles up a hill in 45 minutes. I feel better now than I have in years. Listen to Earl, he has other good advice that will help you on the road of life.

anita elaine hale: I REALLY liked this book.There is so much useful information in it for older Americans to get fit,or take it to the next level.Plus,the author is over 85 and that said a lot to me ! In addition,many parts of this book you will want to read over and over.Packed with practical advice for those 60 and over,dealing with nutritional and fitness needs. I purchased the Kindle addition to have forever and ever !

Heather: I recommend this book to anyone desiring to lead a higher quality longer life. In view of its size, 660 pages and 37 chapters and since it is divided into three parts, Body, Mind and Spirit/Spirituality the book could be titled, The Complete Guide to Longevity. It stresses preventative maintenance by natural methods in a very informative and easy-to-read reference. The information is backed up by hundreds of references, experts and many scientific research studies. The author, an extremely fit age 82, is an excellent role model with 54 world records in running and hurdling in the past 25 years.