The Complete Guide to Running

The Complete Guide to Running, published by Meyer and Meyer, won a prestigious Canada Book Award in 2005. It’s an authoritative book for all fitness enthusiasts from a young age to ninety, those with a dream, those who want to improve, those who want to learn the why and not just the how, and those who dare to excel. The basic principles of training are applicable to all ages. With proper training the body, mind, and spirit are each fully used and all are in harmony. This book aims for this perfection to assist you in the serious play of athletic excellence, and to attain your fullest talents in your sport, especially in running.


The secrets of a world masters champion are revealed that helped him break over 30 world records between age 58 to 72 in 2001. Since then, he has broken 60 world records up to age 90 in 2019. The material In 404 pages is supported by hundreds of scientific references from research studies, world class coaches, and his own experiences including 8 world masters championships up to and including 2001.

Many elite master runners have described this book and also the nearly identical “How To Be A Champion From 9 To 90” published in 2001 both by Earl Fee as their training bible including Geraldine Finegan of Northern Ireland, a multi world record holder in the pentathlon and decathlon events.

“Here it is, from sole to soul, a most thorough compendium of essential body, mind and spirit training for all fitness and training enthusiasts, especially runners. Earl is truly a man of vast knowledge coupled with world-class experience.” Jerry Lynch, renowned Sports Psychologist.

As this popular book won a Canada Book Award in 2005, it continues to be successful and sold worldwide including China. It is a book for all fitness enthusiasts and especially runners, those who dream, want to improve , those who want to learn the why and not just the how,  and those who dare to excel. If you do not have a coach this book would serve as a knowledgeable experienced coach. The writing is concise, complete and comprehensive, including personal experiences such as on injuries.   

With proper training the body, mind, and spirit are each fully used and all are in harmony. This book realizes this perfection in the serious play of athletic excellence, and to attain your fullest talents in your sport especially in running. 

Basically it is a second edition, word-for-word of “How To Be A Champion from 9 to 90”, published by Meyer and Meyer, but with the following improvements: Coloured pages  with addition of 27 running photos, each of the 22 chapters have a different  colored border pages. A chapter on Plyometrics has been added. “Though I am the proud author I have to admit it is a beautiful book filled with essential information for aspiring runners. My 60- world records attest to the methods in the book,” said Earl.   

I know of no other body of work on this subject that is so inclusive and practical. It is absolutely outstanding.Payton Jordan, Head Track Coach Stanford University 1957-1979, and 1968 U.S. Olympic Track Coach.

Below are some of the many perfect five starred reviews from Amazon:

Steve Nicholas: As someone who has mostly been a middle-of-the-pack runner, I have read quite a few books looking for ways to improve my running. Each has had its advantages, but this is one of the few that seems to bring everything together. It shows how to improve in every aspect of running, and it has inspired me to look at some of the areas that I hadn’t thought of before in order to improve my running. Earl Fee is one of the greatest masters middle-distance runners to ever live, and he has shared a lot of gems with us. He has done a great service, and every runner who reads this book will benefit, especially those who need a broader perspective on their running than the miles on the pavement, the track, or the trail.

A. J. Camillocci: I had started walking about a year prior to purchasing this book, as I wanted to move to jogging then running. Mr. Fee’s writing style and detailed references provided me with the knowledge and ability to train for my first 5 K and to continue to improve my performance and time... I would recommend this book to anyone interested in starting a program and to gain a better “all around” understanding of all the factors that come into play while training and eventually competing. The references throughout the book allow the reader to acquire more information on those topics important to the each person or circumstance.

Marina M Worsley: Recommended by a world class female senior runner, Fee’s well-organized and comprehensive book has become my Bible and improved my sprinting speed.