Discover the Major Benefits of Healthy Genes

Recently I was happy to discover a major but simple way to help live a longer happier life. It is obvious to most that this is possible with a good diet, daily exercise and a positive attitude. The good diet requires a healthy microbiome, i.e., intestines with a majority of good microbes compared to bad microbes. The microbiome adjusts the immune system every day, and monitors the development of the brain, and nervous system. I have written two Facebook articles on this subject and the advantages to body mind and spirit. Now, I have concluded by reading Reference 1 (Super Genes, By Deepak Chopra and Rudalph Tanzi) similar life advantages can be achieved by encouraging the development of healthy genes in our bodies. Reference 1 is backed up by many reputable scientists, health directors, etc. that agree we can influence our destinies by influencing our genes.

Some background on genes is helpful: Our body cells contain DNA which regulate our bodies. The DNA contains the chromosomes which contain the millions of genes. The genes are situated in our skin, mouth and intestines, but nearly entirely in the intestines. The genes react and send messages to the body, mind and spirit depending on happenings to the body and mind such as worry, stress, disease, the environment, chemical pollutants, diet and also general experiences in the short term and long term, and our choices and behaviors. What we think can also have a big effect on the genes. . For example, negative thoughts will result in shortening of telomeres at the ends of chromosomes. Any strong or unusual experience can alter your genes. By having control over our genes we have control over changes to our body, mind and spirit. Genes react quickly from changes in diet, disease, stress and other factors mentioned above. Twins are born with the same genes but the twins change differently depending on their different experiences which translates into gene reaction and activity.

We have control over many of the above mentioned happenings and experiences. The result is the genes react and send changes to the body mind and spirit. Every cell is communicating with other cells via genetic messages. Every cell via your genes is listening to what you think experience and do. Your lifestyle leads to a helpful or harmful body, mind, spirit activity. A healthy lifestyle produces super genes. But an unhealthy lifestyle produces harmful genes. In short, how we live controls our genetic activity within.

Since the majority of genes are in the intestines it also makes good sense to have healthy intestines, i.e., with a large % of healthy microbes. The genes and microbiome work together promoting each other. When either is disrupted, many disorders are possible , e.g., excess inflammation, lowered immune system, and minor and major disease.

Ref 1 states our lifestyle and activities cause the genes to turn on or off and to “switch”. My interpretation of switching… is it is essentially a gene mechanism sending a favourable or unfavourable signal to the body, mind or spirit and causing their action. Also, the millions of gene switches also make possible the development of new cells in our body.

Particular genes are known to be associated with a particular disorder or disease such as some cancers, heart disease, and brain problems etc. Some families have a propensity for a particular disease but there is only “roughly 5%”” guarantee of onset.

When you have an experience in your daily routine where you suspect genes are awakened… think of the many likely benefits or detriments in your body, mind or spirit.

The great photo: thanks to Alex Rotas at the Budapest indoor WMA 2014 where I had a world record in the 400m and 8oom.


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